Windows 10 - Change the distance between icons on the desktop

Windows 10 has a preset distance between icons on the desktop - both horizontal and vertical. It doesn't always work out exactly. If you want to change them, try this guide.

Make the adjustment in Regedit:

1. Open the application Regedit - press the keys Windows + R.

2. Go to settings: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop/WindowsMetrics

3. To adjust the distances, change "IconSpacing" to change the horizontal distance and "IconVerticalSpacing" to change the vertical distance.

4. Restart Windows to confirm the changes and display them.

There is no need to change these data significantly. For example, if you have a default value for the vertical distance of -1125, you only need to change it to -1150. Do not make any major changes.

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